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Film production in Nynäshamn

Welcome. This is a great starting point when you are planning a film- or TV-production in Nynäshamn and the Stockholm-Mälardalen region.

Nynäshamn has a lot to offer when it comes to locations for TV- or film production. Within easy reach you can find a pallet of different sceneries.

We have both the open sea and the picturesque archipelago. You can find the wild forest of the sagas and harmonic alleys for the romantic shots. We have cliffs and we have fields. We have both the rough ferry terminal and the small inviting guest harbour. We can offer the small town or suburb views and solitaire countryside and if some big city shots are required you reach Stockholm in 30 minutes.

And above that, we have a well organized structure to make it easy for you. Within our network we have the contacts you need for permissions, lodging, building, decorating and so on.

Please, contact us for further information. You find our contact details below.    

Welcome to Nynäshamn!

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Nynäshamns kommun
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149 81 Nynäshamn

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