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Home delivery

Folkhälsomyndigheten, the Public Health Authority, recommends that you who are 70 years of age or older should limit your close contact with other people as much as possible and practise social distancing. Therefore, we are offering help with home delivery of goods free of charge from our local stores throughout the municipality of Nynäshamn up until June 30th.

This is how it works:

  • Contact the store directly and place your order
  • Provide the store with your shipping information such as name, adress including entry code and phone number
  • Payment is made directly to the store by arrangement (usually via debit/ credit card or Swish)
  • Your order will be delivered with the help of Kerstins Taxi during regular weekdays.

Goods that will NOT be offerd for home delivery:

  • No medication, neither with or without prescription
  • Tobacco
  • Goods classifed as dangerous such as carbon dioxide cartridges or gas bottles
  • Any other restrictions due to weight or size the shops will help you and guide what can be delivered and what not

Shops that offer home delivery

Your find the shops that can take your order via phone or email and offer home delivery listed below.

400 Kvadrat

Furniture & home decoration store


Lingeri shop


Flower shop

Coop Nynäshamn

Grocery store

  • At present you can only order by phone: 010-7417457
  • The order must be placed no later than 12 o'clock (noon) for delivery the following day, regular weekdays.
  • Payment is made via Swish. If a relative wants to take care of the payment that can be arranged. The payment must then be made no later than 8 pm on the evening before the delivery.
  • Please make sure that you are explicit when ordering your goods such as size, brand and quantity so that you get the right goods delivered to your home.


Flower shop

Klackenberg Böcker & Papper

Book store


Art supplies

Lantbodens Hund & Hälsa

Pet store

Lek & Babyhörnan

Toy store

Nynäs Djurbod

Pet store

Rakel & Lea, smycken och klockor

Jewelry and watches

Rappes mode

Ladies fashion


Bags and accessories

  • Contact: Doris Larsson
  • Email: ryttarvretens@telia.com
  • Phone: 08-520 109 40 

Sound & Living

Specsavers Nynäshamn


Systrarna Deckarts Blommor

Flower shop

Tess mode

Ladies fashion


Fabrics & home decoration store

Ösmo Plantshop

Flowers & nursery

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